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Our journey

To fully appreciate how great our coffee is, you need to understand our roots…

Our parent company TORQ have a rich passion for endurance sports and the great outdoors and it’s fair to say that a significant proportion of the staff’s valuable leisure time is spent on two wheels – the pedalling kind! There’s an enduring historic link between the cycling and coffee cultures and this in part at least, explains the birth of TORQ Press Coffee. That’s not to say you can only enjoy our coffee if you’re a cyclist, anyone who appreciates fine coffee will love TORQ Press, but it would be remiss of us not to share with you what makes us tick!

TORQ is a well-established, highly respected Performance Nutrition brand that meticulously attends to every detail and absolutely refuses to compromise. Utilising the latest peer-reviewed published research and the highest quality natural and organic ingredients they produce the finest Performance Nutrition money can buy. Of course TORQ Press Coffee isn’t a performance nutrition product, but our coffees do share all of the uncompromising premium values TORQ’s customers have come to expect. Our values and standards are shared, yet TORQ Press Coffee is unquestionably focussed on producing an exceptional and special coffee experience – with no distractions.

It is our explicit appreciation for fine coffee and the proficiency of one key staff member who worked for 3 years as a barista in a premium coffee shop that has driven us to develop the TORQ Press brand and we proudly bring you the flavour of this expertise, commitment and unadulterated passion.

We take immense pride in selecting the best beans from around the world and then creating superb flavours from them.

Making use of our experienced taste buds, we strive endlessly to couple complimentary flavours and aromas. Then we deliver the very freshest coffee direct to your door, ready for your enjoyment.

Caffeinated Coffee

  • Three Peaks Blend

    The flagship offering. Our Three Peaks Blend presents a carefully selected trio of Brazil, Honduras and Guatemala beans. This balanced three bean collective provides notes of dark chocolate, fruit and nut with five spice, creating a medium-high bodied, low acidity blend making for a delicious early morning go to. Our Three Peaks Blend is available in whole beans, or alternatively ground for Espresso, Moka or Cafetiere.
    • Beans: Brazil, Honduras & Guatemala
    • Body: 6/10
    • Acidity: 3/10
    • Bean Options: Whole Bean & Ground
    • Favoured Extraction: Espresso
  • Single Malt

    An aromatic Brazilian single origin with darker undertones delivers flavours of malt, dark hazelnut and biscuit. This malty single origin has a very low acidity with a medium to dark body. Available in whole beans, or alternatively ground for Espresso, Moka or Cafetiere allowing you to consume this coffee simply anywhere!
    • Beans: Brazil
    • Body: 6/10
    • Acidity: 2/10
    • Bean Options: Whole Bean & Ground
    • Favoured Extraction: Cafetiere

Decaffeinated Coffee

Drink More Coffee, Enjoy Coffee More​.

Before you buy, we’ve hand selected a range of accessories that no passionate coffee lover should be without.

From grinders to travel canister, each item has been chosen to enhance the flavours of your chosen blend so why not treat yourself?

Explore our range of carefully selected coffees, where you will experience a spectrum of enticing flavours no matter which method of extraction you favour.

Learn more about the regions from which we source our beans and how their individual geography influences the flavours of the bean allowing us to produce the exquisite flavour profiles within the range of TORQ Press Coffees.
Naturally De-Caffeinated: Our Organic Fairtrade Columbian coffee beans are naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method, so no chemicals are used in the decaffeination process. Once again we will prepare your coffee to your specification, offering light, medium, bold and very bold roasts depending on your preference.

Honduran Beans

The Honduras bean is cultivated in the Honduras region of Central America.

The Honduras region neighbours that of Guatemala, the second of three beans used to create our TORQ Press Coffee 3 Peaks Blend.

The Honduras bean is often considered very sought after, due to its environmental growing conditions. The Honduras bean is grown at high altitudes (1100 – 1600m above sea level), providing it with a medium-full body, but low acidy creating an all-round balanced bean.

Flavours commonly experienced from the Honduras bean are chocolate, cocoa and nut, with aromas of vanilla.

Naturally Caffeinated: We use the finest Organic Fairtrade Columbian coffee beans and roast them to perfection. We will prepare your coffee to your specification, so offer light, medium, bold and very bold roasts depending on your preference.

Guatemalan Beans

Grown within the Guatemala region of Central America, the Guatemala bean is a full- bodied bean with bright but pleasant acidity.

Commonly grown at high altitudes (1200 – 1700 meters above sea level), the hypoxic conditions emphasise the flavours of chocolate, toffee and nut experienced during extraction.

The notes of Guatemala can be enjoyed within our 3 Peaks Blend. This bean is often used along- side fruity beans to balance the flavour profiles.

Naturally Re-Caffeinated: We grind-down our freshly roasted Organic Fairtrade naturally decaffeinated coffee beans and blend the coffee grains with Organic Guarana to reintroduce a standardised dose of natural organic caffeine. There are two blends available, one that delivers 50mg of natural caffeine and one that contains a massive 100mg. This product is available in a light, medium, bold and very bold roast. For cafetiere only.

Brazilian Beans

Around one third of the world’s coffee is grown in the region of Brazil. Majority of Brazils quality espresso blends are made from either Bourbon, Santos or Cerrado beans.

Our Single Malt is a single origin roast composed of Santos beans ensuring the finest coffee selection. Brazil has a vast range of growing elevations (400 – 1600 meters above sea level) however, the best coffee is grown at higher altitudes and this is where we source our green beans from.

The flavours noted from the Brazil Santos bean provides a low acidity with a medium body offering malty and biscuit undertones.


Peruvian Beans

Peru is the 7 th largest coffee export region in the world found on the south west coast of America.

Once again, like the rest of the world’s best coffee growing regions, our Peru beans are grown between 1200 and 2000 meters above sea level and harvested between the months of March and September for optimal flavour delivery.

Once roasted, they offer a sweet, balanced and fruity flavour profile.

Coffee is often thought of as a “pick me up” but should this be attributed to the consumption of caffeine or is it because of the fine flavours that can be extracted from the coffee bean?

At TORQ Press Coffee, we believe it’s both, and therefore, flavour remains at the heart of what we aim to achieve. From cultivation to cupping, the flavours we choose are carefully selected and balanced providing a robust flavour across an array of extraction methods.

TORQ Press Coffee is always crafted with extraction in mind. We appreciate that you may not have access to an espresso machine, so we have developed our coffees to offer a unique flavour experience no matter what extraction method you favour. So, whether you prefer using Espresso, Aeropress, French Press or Moka Pot, you can always count on experiencing a refined flavour.

We appreciate that for many of our customers the act of grinding and preparing coffee holds as much pleasure as drinking the resultant brew.

With this in mind, we've reached out to some of our favourite companies and they've enabled us to craft some exciting offers for true coffee lovers to take advantage of!
Aeropress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress is a revolutionary way to make the perfect coffee every time. It’s so simple to use, that once you own an AeroPress you won’t want to go back to instant coffee or using expensive coffee brewers.

RhinoWares Hand Grinder
RhinoWares Hand Grinder

The Rhinowares hand coffee grinder is the perfect solution for grinding coffee "on the go".

It’s great for travel, work or even just at home and fits snugly in the top of an Aeropress coffee maker.

Caramel Latte Energy Gel

TORQ Fitness have produced the most authentic and effective ‘Caramel Latte’ energy gel money can buy.

Flavoured with a liquor extracted from our beans. The gel offers an outstanding coffee flavour which would be impossible to achieve without the use of real coffee extract.

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TORQ Press Accessories

TORQ Caramel Latte Energy Gel

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Whether it is positive, negative or indifferent. Please take the time to tell us what you think of our products and the service you recived.